REAL Values

REAL exists to empower the individual. 
REAL fights for enhanced mental health and wellbeing.
REAL is committed to a better world.

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We are proud sponsors of Place2Be, a charity providing emotional support for children in schools

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars" Khalil Gilbran
Boxing, stand together, respect and inclusion

Reasons to feel REAL...

Inclusion: You’re never doing this alone. Whether it’s in a class, holding the pads, hitting the pads, in the ring or holding someone’s feet while they do sit-ups —– REAL is a community

Empowerment: Learning how to hit and throw bunches of punches; gives you confidence in yourself and this transfers to daily life, helping you deal with challenging situations better

Mental Sharpness: Co-ordinating combinations, while trying to hit a moving target, improves skill, focus, and mental sharpness

Control: Boxing helps manage and overcome anger, installing discipline and control

Respect: You are only ever one punch away from danger. Those that box know the risks. When you put yourself on the line, it is a humbling experience. Knowing this breeds respect and this punctuates the entire sport

Uplifting: Boxing is physically very demanding and the exertion will leave you feeling uplifted by your efforts, with a natural high thanks to neurotransmitters, which alleviate pain, stress and lift your mood

Stress-Relief: Hitting things is both fun and therapeutic — boxing is a proven way to de-stress and ease tension

Meditation: One must be completely present, focused and in-the-moment while boxing, so it’s a great break from the mental stresses of the outside world