REAL Values

REAL exists to empower the individual. 
REAL fights for enhanced mental health and wellbeing.
REAL is committed to a better world.

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We are proud sponsors of Place2Be, a charity providing emotional support for children in schools

Our Values

Boxers standing together in REAL boxing apparel

We exist to empower the individual.

🥊 We fight for enhanced mental and physical wellbeing

🥊 We build premium quality products that are made to last

🥊 We make pan-seasonal garments and will not churn out copious collections to follow the sun

🥊 We are about inclusion and community. Just because boxing is an individual sport, doesn’t mean that you’re alone

REAL is committed to a better world

We want to empower you to be your very best, both physically and mentally. Our products are designed to give you self-confidence, which is a welcome outcome of empowerment through boxing, and one that we believe transfers to daily life. 

Boxing brings huge benefits for your mood and mental wellbeing. The movement and exercise  triggers a cascade of neurotransmitters, which reduces stress, anxiety and lifts your mood. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, when the body is busy, the mind is empty. Boxing is active mindfulness, keeping you in the present. Our product range takes the fuss out of what you’re wearing and brings forward function, so that you can deal with whatever comes your way. 

We are proud sponsors of Place2Be, a charity that provides emotional support for children in schools. 

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