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Your mentality is pivotal to your everyday life. The way we think determines how successful we can be in whatever we choose to do. If we think negatively, we limit what we are capable of. But if we have a positive approach, we can strive for success.


Boxing is no different. If you really want to progress towards your boxing goals, no matter whether that is to compete or for fitness, you must approach your training with a strong mentality.



Boxing is one of the toughest sports you can choose to do (Find out more on boxing as a sport and as an artform here). It can be gruelling at times, putting you into uncomfortable situations. Though this may not be pleasant, it is a great mental exercise. Your ability to overcome the adversities you face in training will empower your real potential. The more training you do, the more resilience you build and the more comfortable you will become with being uncomfortable. With repetition your mind will be conditioned to deal with the toughest demands that training throws at you. Not only will this enable you to improve further in your boxing training but can be applied to life outside of the gym. General life can be tough at times. With this mentality that you have conditioned from boxing, you will be able to push through the hard times and strive forward.



Naturally as humans we gravitate towards the easier option. We tend to observe from afar and make judgements as to whether something is within our limits to achieve or not. Boxing training will reveal how much more you are capable of than you first imagined; it will empower your limits. There are certain things you’ll see in the gym which you may imagine to be beyond you. But after trying and applying yourself, it may not be as hard as you first thought! Boxing will continue to challenge you and push you through those perceived boundaries that you had, to reach your fullest potential. At the end of the day, how would we know what we are capable of if we never give it a go?



Being in great physical shape is necessary for boxing. Even if you’re not fit when you start, you soon will be. Being in great physical condition will allow you to perform to the best of your abilities, but will also provide  you with that extra confidence. However, many people believe the mental aspect of boxing is even more important! Especially when it comes to competing. Training your mind is much harder.


It is often quoted that  Boxing is 90% mental and 10% physical’, which is most relevant to competition. After both boxers have completed their training camps and step in the ring, both will be in the best physical shape possible. But on the night, the boxer with the strongest will and mindset, will most often be victorious. Training your mind to retain composure under pressure, to resist intimidation, to avoid any self-doubt and retain laser focus for the duration is all part of having a strong mentality. It can also be argued that by being mentally strong, you will become physically stronger too. You will need to have mental strength and desire when it comes to pushing yourself to reach your physical peak. Doing the extra sets that you dont want to do. Going on those 6am runs to improve your cardio. Mental toughness and discipline is needed to go through with this.


In conclusion, a strong mentality will illuminate your potential. Both in the boxing gym and life in general. Having the ability to push when you dont want to and to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This will enable you to become best version of yourself.


Militar is a brand whose purpose is to help as many people as possible to achieve their own dreams. Within the MILITAR MINDSET, we emphasise the values we believe that you should embed into your life to achieve those goals. Providing you with clothing that is fit for purpose on you journey!


We hope this post was beneficial to you and helping you with your goals. Strive for a strong mentality when you step into your boxing classes. This approach will allow you to go far in training and in life!

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