“Children should not have to face mental health issues alone”


Place2be is part of the “Heads Together” campaign led by The Royal Foundation, aimed at lifting the stigma on mental health. Place2Be is focused specifically on the emotional wellbeing of children in schools.


REAL is a brand that invokes untold potential in every athlete with a focus on mentality and self-mastery. Boxing is as much mental as it is physical. Our purpose is to empower the individual to reach their fullest potential. We fight fight for enhanced mental wellbeing.


Physical training is a well recognised medicine for enhancing mental wellbeing and our emotional state. Boxing like no other sport can empower, heal and lift self-esteem. There are four things that lift mood; a sense of achievement, enjoyment, closeness to others and something that’s beneficial to the body. Boxing has all four, as well as being a stress release and active mindfulness - when your body is busy, your mind is empty, keeping you in the present. This is all something to look forward to, while also being inclusive and social.


Muddling our way through the world, the experiences that define us or make distinct impressions are often in our early years. That is why Place2Be, with emotional support as their specialism and children at the heart of their work, are REAL’s chosen charity to sponsor. Without the right encouragement and support, we can easily believe from a formative age that we are not capable or worthy of something, or we lack the confidence to explore and try something. REAL’s purpose is inspired by changing this mindset and empowering the individual to reach their potential and so is Place2Be’s.


"Our vital support helps them to reach their full potential.”


Place2Be are committed to helping children with their mental health. Their approach to children’s mental health means they aim to intervene early to prevent life-long mental health issues.

  • They provide support early to spot mental health problems before they develop and help children cope with challenges throughout their lives
  • They use an effective therapeutic approach which is backed by research and combines several ways of working
  • They offer a menu of different services, including advice and support for families and school staff, to build resilience and raise awareness of mental health across the whole school community.

REAL has supported Place2Be since early 2019. We have organised sporting events as fund raisers in support of the charity, raising several thousands of pounds. We will continue to proudly support their cause.

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