You are the sky. Everything else – its just the weather.”


However much we might desire certainty in our lives and however much technological innovation continues in its attempt to control the vagaries of life, there is nothing less predictable than our own sentient behaviour. As information and intelligence become the domain of computers, at REAL we place an increasing value on the human abilities that cannot be automated: our physicality, mentality and emotions. 


Expressing our physicality is an essential counterpoint to our modern, sanitised and quick-fix lives. Feeling our body’s response to effort and toil reminds us what we are designed to do, as well as what we’re capable of. This gives us a heightened sense of control. This gives us power.


When we train we rationalise the world around us - we detach from it. It is during this meditative reflection, we gain perspective and capture clarity. We aspire for more focus and clarity in our lives and thinking. 


In a world of noise and distraction, we find ourselves wondering if perhaps we may’ve overlooked what’s really important? At REAL we strive to inspire in our audience a curiosity in how much better they can be, mentally, physically and emotionally through physical action. We are for those quietly forging physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. A determined, continual pursuit of better for ourselves, our community and our garments. 

Inspired by the singular focus and resolute discipline required for competition in boxing, our system of clothing combines high-performance design thinking with luxurious, advanced fabrics to create apparel which does exactly what you need it to in the immediacy of the now. Allowing you to live in the fullness of every moment. To deal with whatever comes your way. 


“Mind over chatter”


Take a deep breath. You are this moment. Now steel your resolve and move. Forge yourself forwards on the fire of your doubts. Build a mind of determination and of resilience. Persistence is power. Effort is power. Quiet is power. 


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