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Article: 3000 Burpees for Place2Be

3000 Burpees for Place2Be

3000 Burpees for Place2Be

“We do things not because they’re easy, but because they are hard”

On Saturday August 12th I will complete 1000-burpees. This is a cardio-marathon not a sprint. Accompanied by two other contenders who will help put the fun in fundraiser, we will put our chest to the floor and launch upright into the air 3,000 times in total. 

The expectation is to finish every single burpee within 2hrs 30mins.

Together we are fundraising for Place2Be - please visit our Just Giving Page

In February this year it was suggested by one training partner to another that we needed something to strive for. So far I agreed. As a group of three we all agreed. What came next was unexpected - 1000 burpees was thrown up in the air and before the full grasp of what this entailed had landed with me, the other partner had agreed to the suggestion. Hang on, what on earth did you just say!? I would never shirk something that the others felt capable of, so we were stuck with it. As we all shared looks of firm intent and nodded at each other, I imagine the same thought was on all of our minds - oh ffs what I’ve let myself in for, there’s no backing out now.

Burpee definition:

1. cardio purgatory
2. a particularly nasty squat/ push-up/ jump movement that no one is excited about and the trainers smirk about you having to do them.

Six months on, several thousand burpees later and after tens of thousands of minutes spent training we are now 2-weeks away from putting this challenge into the history books.

As you may be aware, at REAL we fight for enhanced mental wellbeing. We are proud supporters of Place2Be, a charity that provides emotional support for children in schools across the UK. Undertaking this cardio purgatory we want to invoke your generosity in support of this wonderful charity.

Place 2 Be

1 in 6 children now have a diagnosable mental health issue. That’s 5 children in every classroom with a condition like depression or anxiety.

Thank you sincerely for any amount of support for Place2Be. And thank you for your interest in our challenge. Here is a link to our Just Giving page

Together we can ensure that children don’t have to face mental health problems alone. 

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Hi Max, Hope you are well? Wishing you all the best for what is an inspirational challenge and a great cause. Matt x

Matt Lowe

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