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Di Nardo for REAL

The Eminence Jacket

The Eminence is a collaboration with Signor Filippo Lecesse Di Nardo, a master craftsman of distinction, from Turin. Specialising in haute couture and leather goods, Filippo devotes himself to the creation of one-off, hand-made products that have no equal.

A coming together

Filippo is recognised as the preeminent creator of leather boxing gloves. Whether his gloves grace world title arenas in front of global audiences or a glass cabinet display in a museum, they are the preserve of an exclusive elite.

By Design

Filippo’s reputation for excellence is echoed in REAL’s mission statement:

A relentless attitude of innovation and improvement in the creation of high-functioning, design-driven, luxury sportswear, to inspire and delight our customers.

Form & Function

The Eminence jacket explores the intersection between modern performance and function, with understated luxury. Where boxing gym meets sartorial cross-over into luxury, performance sportswear - simple elegance.

Fabric of Choice


The Eminence is prepared with performance functionality at the heart of its construction and designed with recreational, understated sophistication. It is built using a ripstop fabric, woven by an Italian mill that’s globally renowned for their advanced materials. With 1% carbon added to the blend, the fabric boasts exceptional tensile strength, elevated strength-to-weight ratio and a high-tolerance to temperature. The ripstop’s structured composition ensures longevity of form and a resistance to tearing or creasing. The generous elastane component allows full freedom of motion without drag, accommodating vigorous movements.