Hand Wraps are the first item in any boxer’s bag, whether beginner or pro. Whether you’re hitting the heavy-bag or the pads in training, swapping blows with a sparring opponent or competing at Wembley Arena, hand wraps are essential for preserving your tools. Hand wraps protect the knuckles and keep the wrist aligned, allowing you to deliver more power in your punches and reduce the risk of injury. Your hands are the most important resource in your armoury. Invest in your hands.


Common injuries occur due to repetitive impact on the knuckles and metacarpals, or catching an angle that misaligns the wrist on impact. The wrist is a weak joint relative to the power and torque generated through the body-chain (…ankle-knee-hip-spine-shoulder…in that order) when throwing a punch and the wrist is a conduit for delivering all of that energy on impact. There are many right ways to wrap hands and good hand wraps should offer enough length to cover your knuckles while ensuring the wrist is firmly wrapped to maintain alignment. Many choose to ply their knuckles with multiple folds of material or include a sponge woven over the knuckles by multiple folds. This can help reduce the injury of metacarpal pain or ‘boxer’s fracture’, aka metacarpal fractures.


Wrapping your hands the ‘right way’ can take practise and experience will teach you what works best for your hands. Good hand wraps should have some stretch (aka ‘weft’) in the material, allowing you to custom-weave around the contours of your hands more accurately. This will result in a satisfying and snug feeling of security. The elasticity in the wraps is referred to as a “Mexican style" of construction. The stretch in the material will also allow you to wrap firmly, without being too tight. All good hand wraps need a thumb-lock loop to anchor the direction of your weave and velcro-fastening tabs for a secure lock-in and quick-release.


REAL hand wraps are 4.5m long, allowing you all the material you need to secure your wrists and give your knuckles plenty of protection. They are constructed in a blend of polyester/ cotton and engineered with increased weft for a customised weave, maximising comfort and safety for your hands. This is part of our philosophy behind optimal form and functionality - it’s geometry; it’s serious. REAL wraps include a them-lock loop, velcro-fastening tabs and are designed to last repeated use. All wraps come in a breathable, logo-bag, made from environmentally-friendly fibres.


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