What I wear elevates me. It matters.

Boxing is as much mental as physical. Encountering the mental side of boxing revealed my greatest enemy: my inner me. Anxiety and doubt accompanied me to the ring. I would question whether I was cut out for the fight.

Competing was a way of proving to myself I had what it takes: an urge that was too loud to silence. Each time I did not get hurt, I grew in confidence. Fear and adrenaline turned into exhilaration, leaving me uplifted and empowered. It was irresistible. My journey to the ring earned me self-respect and awareness – and a need to test my limits, to find out how much more I was capable of. REAL is the result: a brand focused on empowering the individual to illuminate their limits.

I choose sports brands with aspirational values that underpin performance optimisation. I wanted to create something exceptional: a sports clothing brand invoking untold potential in every athlete with a focus on mentality and self-mastery. REAL is a formula of advanced materials, optimal form and function, best-in-class manufacturing and technical features, styled by understated sophistication.

There is a dynamic tension between fear and reward: to suffer is to grow.
REAL is for those that meet resistance but never retreat.
REAL is the journey. Take control, own your narrative and rise.
REAL is your fullest potential.

Photo: REAL Founder, Max Fraser

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